The Biggest Games Ever Made on Xbox 360 – Quantum Break

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With the new generation of consoles just around the corner, more games are being introduced. From the old faithful RPGs and action/adventure games to the latest morphs and simulation games. The variety of games that are now available are almost overwhelming. So which games are the biggest game in GB? Let us find out!

FPS games have been around since the early ’90s and still are among the most popular genres of games played today. The new games being introduced are massive and require large storage space. Even the latest AAA games now require a large disc to play them why gamers should spend an upgraded gaming pc to enjoy the most extensive and biggest pep games for the upcoming two years.

For hardcore gamers, the FPS franchise would take up most of their time and energy. With large world maps, lots of shooting, and hundreds if not thousands of weapons used to kill enemies. It would also require a large amount of memory and storage space to run the game smoothly. So, to experience the game to the fullest would take up a lot of your time and energy.

But then the new-gen gaming platforms such as Xbox and ps3 have now surpassed those games. They now offer large file sizes, optimized game compatibility, and easy level creation. So, gamers are now choosing those games that provide less file size but with a considerable gameplay value. Which would ultimately be the biggest game in GB’s? Let us find out! Let’s check out the current top 10 games so that you can have an idea of how big these would be when installed on your Xbox or ps3.

This is one of the most played games in the Xbox family. Black Ops III has been in the industry for quite some time now. As a hardcore gamer myself, I am yet to see where this game has gone, to what depths it can go. The story behind it is quite interesting too. In this game, players must save the earth from the zombies, villains and against some other unexpected characters using powerful weapons, including experimental aircraft and nuclear weapons.

This game would require a large amount of memory for running smoothly. Though it has been out for a while now and is one of the older consoles still available, it is one of the most downloaded games on the market. With the improvements in technology, this game can run smoothly on almost any version of the Xbox. The developers have also provided many additions and extra add-ons to make the gaming experience exciting. The Xbox version has added features like maps, cheats, weapon upgrades, achievements, and the original mission on the outer space-themed setting from the original version.

Quantum Break is another popular game that takes you to another dimension by taking control of a character. This time the name is called Pheon, and he is a massive creature that can split himself into various smaller-sized beings. This allows him to quickly move from one area to another and shoot his enemies from long range. The gameplay in this game is charming, too, with the generous use of the environment and each character’s extraordinary powers allowing the player to feel like they are part of the action.

The biggest challenge for gamers with the Xbox console is the game’s disc storage space. For those gamers with tons of fun, this might be a problem, but it is just a question of how much storage space they need for others. With a generous helping of an external USB hard drive, gamers will not worry about the storage space on their Xbox.

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