Games That Have Multiple Benefits

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Games are a great way to kill time and pass the time between working or studying. Students are more likely to play video games in college instead of spending long periods in the library reading books. As the number of reported court cases continues to increase across the U.S., Americans have been forgoing in-person social gatherings for those virtual but not quite identical replacements. If you’ve ever had a chance to go beyond just chat and try to recapture a bit of the human spirit, perhaps there are some games involving phones, computers, and letters that you can play via computer. Here are some games to play while you work.

Quip lash is among the oldest games around. Students from the earliest elementary school years are familiar with the game’s basic premise: the player takes on the persona of a well-known fictional character, often a hero, and must overcome problems along the way to complete their quests. To play Quip lash, a player picks out a popular video game character such as Mario, Luigi, or Sonic the Hedgehog, then proceeds to the main game screen and chooses the avatar. The objective is to save the playable character among many others that are also part of the game.

A fun twist on the game would be to play it in teams. There is even a twist on how to play quip lash as a team. After picking an avatar, players can divide themselves into groups. Each team must complete quests within a specific time to win. One team must complete all quests while the other completes none in the same round. Players can switch teams every round by clicking on the screen and moving their mouse to another game board location.

Another twist on the classic game would be to play it as a bubble juice bar. To perform this, players will need to select an icon on the bottom right corner of the screen, representing the “bubble juice.” Selecting this icon will cause the screen to pop, showing a bar filled with bubbles. Players can add any drink to their bar by choosing a drink from the pop-up menu’s appropriate icon. Bubbles are earned when the heroes pop out of a container filled with sand.

In this game, players will use marbles provided on the screen as weapons to fight back against waves of enemy marbles. At the beginning of each round, a set of marbles will be randomly selected from the game’s world map. These marbles will fly out from the board’s borders and into the playing area at an accelerated rate. The more marbles an opponent lands, the more points they receive.

This game is so fun and entertaining that it will have a great party game night for entire groups of people. This is a great game to play if you want to incorporate a bit of color and whimsy into your gathering. One way to integrate a little bit of this unique atmosphere into the community is to have each person offer a single quip or joke to the entire group. If the group is large enough and you have a long table, you could play it with a single Quip lash Marble. The sound of the Quip lash Marble makes it very comical and unique.

Beach Panic Deluxe is two other fun games that feature a mixture of logic and skill. In Beach Panic, players will need to select a destination on the beach map and then use sense to figure out where the closest sandpit is. Once the player has chosen a destination, a barrage of obstacles will appear on the beach to stop them from reaching their goal. For example, a small log may occur, and if a player goes over it, he or she will have to navigate through a series of dunes to reach safety. Other obstacles include:

  • A sea treasure chest that’s been locked from the inside.
  • An injured penguin needs a bucket to get its feet wet.
  • A sea sponge that must be dipped in special ink to be able to see it.

In the much more complex and entertaining Beach Panic Deluxe, players need to select their destination on the beach map, then use logic to figure out where to jump from the sandpit using the direction keys and the act their controller buttons on their events will occur if a player takes too many attempts to reach their goal. For example, the game will unlock new islands as you progress through the stages. There are also unique coins that become dropped and must be retrieved to advance to the next island. Select items will appear on the island map as well, including a life vest that allows you to skip through the sand as a safety measure. Besides, you will earn stars based on how well you master the various skills required to complete the game.

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