Horizon Zero Dawn Is the Most Anticipated Game on the Nintendo Switch

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Games are the most thrilling entertainment on the planet. Sitting in front of your computer screen and soaking in the soothing virtual environment will soothe your stress. The games provide an escape for people who love excitement and adventure. Games, especially the classic ones, are a never-ending entertainment source and escapade for millions of people. From the simplest ones to the most complex ones, games are available for everyone to play, and everyone can find something interesting to play.

In this article, I want to look at the most popular games of the coming decade. This year was loaded with notable titles spanning all spectrums of entertainment, from lots of first-person shooters and action RPGs to tons of fun, puzzle-solving, and wacky arcade games. A couple of noteworthy games were the ones with massive followings, The Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn. Both games have received rave reviews from critics and have become the talk of the summer season. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

The Last of Us: It appears The Last of Us may be setting up an entirely new franchise. No one has mentioned The Last of Us or seen any footage of the new game, which is part of a bigger game called the New Horizon. The game’s premise is about a group of hunters trapped in a mall after a virus attacks the town. Each member of the group has a unique gun and has special abilities to help others. There are tons of gunfights, vehicle pursuits, and hidden items to discover in The Last of Us. This is the kind of game they can happily repeatedly play for many people because it’s so well written, acted, and produced.

Horizon Zero Dawn: This open-world game featured many new features that helped make Horizon Zero Dawn an exciting prospect for gaming. For example, the game had a cinematic quality that was entirely unprecedented in a game before it. It also featured some truly innovative technology, like scavenger hunting. The scavenger hunt was so good that many players who played Horizon Zero Dawn felt that they had gotten almost as much enjoyment out of it as the game’s protagonists. This helped make 2021 seem like a better fit for consoles, given that open-world games have been notoriously bad on the PC.

Let’s not forget about the best video games of summer 2021. For the most part, there wasn’t a clear favorite, but there were a few contenders. In No Man’s Sky, the player is the center of intrigue and exploration, thanks to procedural generation. The visuals are spectacular, and the sci-fi narrative will make you feel like your part of an exciting world. And yet in its favor, Hello Kitty still managed to score a few bonus points with its unique look and style.

We also got to see what the new IP from Nintendo can do, and it certainly has its highlights. Mario and Sonic are back, and they’re looking good. Their return is a significant highlight of the video game, one of No Man’s Sky’s best elements. This time around, Sonic and Tails can run around the universe, collect items, and battle enemy robots while you help them save the Earth.

And speaking of enemies, the new Horizon Zero Dawn has plenty of them, including robot-like predators, aggressive robots, and even aliens who seek to colonize the human population. These grunts serve as the primary antagonists of the video game, and they can attack you, as well as your allies. These grunts start appearing in No Man’s Sky trailers, giving the impression that this game’s storyline will be a lot more violent than the last few releases. So, if you aren’t happy about the prospect of fighting aliens and dragons, perhaps you should forget about Animal Crossing: New Horizon for Nintendo 3DS.

What can No Man’s Sky deliver? It’s undoubtedly among the best-looking games on the Nintendo Switch, and it looks like it could be an exciting ride for anyone who wants to travel through a sci-fi world. However, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo can top themselves at the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, as it’s been a long time since we’ve had a game that’s come so close to the original in terms of visual quality, sound, and story-telling. Based on the trailers, we expect to find an incredibly open environment where you can wander around the city and discover some exciting secrets along the way, with lots of quests to complete and side quests to end as well.

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