How to Install Video Games For PC

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If you are new to computer games, you may wonder how to install games onto the computer. There are so many different types of games that you can find on the Internet today it can be quite confusing. To find out how to install a game onto a PC, fire up your favorite Internet browser and type in the game’s name that you would like to play. Be careful with which site you visit and download games from. Many shady areas will install viruses into your computer if you don’t have a reliable antivirus program. The same is true for any downloading you do online.

Before you can start to play that new game, it will probably ask you to insert a disk or CD in your computer’s drive to complete the installation process. Depending on the game you are installing, there may be multiple folders that you will need to insert the disk in. For most games, the instructions will be located right on the game’s product page. If the instructions are on a separate website or tab, then you can follow the link to find the folder where the new game will be installed. Once you have found the correct folder, you can put the disk in your computer’s optical drive. Be sure to keep the CD in a secure location until you are ready to install the new game.

Once you have inserted your CD and saved it into your computer, you will need to close all the programs and software you are currently using. Typically, this step will take you just a few seconds. Once you have safely shut down your system, you can move on to finding a game’s installation location. Inside the new site, you will likely locate the “Games” folder.

Once you are in the game’s folder, you will want to open the folder and search for the game files. It may be necessary for you to double-click on the actual file, as some games install only one file at a time. If your game does not come with a folder, you may need to create one before you can install the game.

Finding the game files will likely be the most challenging part of installing. Finding the right-click menu will make things easier. To open the right-click menu, click on the “New” option. A new menu will appear and will have options such as creating a new game, adding CD-ROMs, and so on. Once you have selected a new game, you will be taken to a screen prompting you to insert a CD-ROM drive with the proper drivers installed. The industry should be inserted into the system drives diagnostic cable, typically in the “ATA” slot.

After the CD has been inserted and a scan is performed, the installation process can begin. The program will first install all required software and then notify you of any errors it may find. If a problem is found, you will need to repair it. Click on the “Fix” button next to the title and, again, on the “New” selection. This will open a new folder that will contain all of the updates made to the application. In some instances, a tool will need to extract all of the remaining files from the drive, but this should be rare.

Once the software is complete, you can close the program by clicking on the “Downloads” tab. If you are not interested in receiving notifications, you can leave the downloads tab open. A progress bar will indicate the download process. You will have the option of keeping the game on your hard drive or destroying it. If the latter is chosen, the software will create a backup copy and move it to the hard drive for safekeeping.

If you are interested in making future purchases of the same games, you can click on the “Add” button on the downloads tab to add the game to your current computer. To save time, you can select all games that you wish to add and their download locations. Once you have finished the installation, you can go ahead and select the “Play” button to begin playing. No matter what type of computer you have, the games should be available for play!

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