Fun Facts About Video Game Subgenres

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Do you know that there are various types of games? A game is a systematic, organized form of play, sometimes undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at other times used as an educational instrument. Games are different from work, that is normally carried out for monetary compensation, and from literature, that is often more a form of expressive or aesthetic elements. However, games have become a part of everyday life, in schools, homes and offices, and they continue to evolve with our culture and economy.

When we speak of adventure games, the genre covers a wide range of activities. Over the last decades, it has come to be regarded as one of the most popular forms of leisure activity. The major reason for this perception is not only because of its general appeal and its wide variety, but also because of the remarkable success achieved by several well-known developers and publishers. There is a large selection of this type of game available nowadays, ranging from simple card games to the multi-million-dollar production and development projects. The most popular and well-known adventure game genres are narrative, and theme based. The most famous examples of this genre are Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, Pirates 4, Secret of Solstice, Xanadu and, of course, Alice in Wonderland.

Another type of action-adventure game is the shooter. This is a multiplayer browser game, where a group of people can fight against each other to reach a given goal. The main advantage of this type of game genre is its fast pace, the possibility to play it with a large group of people and the use of guns. Modern shooters today are designed to create an illusion of realism. The action may be entirely virtual or based on reality, so that the player can interact with the environment and the characters, including the weaponry.

Another fun fact about adventure and visual novel games is the large number of successful adaptations they have received since their inception. Some of these have become hugely successful, selling millions of copies worldwide. A good example is Mass Effect, a video game series developed by Bio ware that was adapted into two movies and numerous television series.

Another variation on the adventure game’s theme is the text-based adventure games. These are often multiplayer online games, where players take turns controlling the characters in the story. The player can use a keyboard to control his or her character and can view the environment using a map. Most of these types of games use the text mode to display the in-game information, while special effects, music or voiceovers are used for the action. The major advantage of text-based adventure games is that the players do not need to understand a complex plot to enjoy them, as they are highly interactive and narrative-driven.

An interesting sub-genre of adventure games deals with mystery. In this category, the player assumes the role of a detective or investigator, seeking to solve a puzzle and uncover the truth. These games tend to be very wordy and full of jargon, requiring players to use several different languages. This sub-genre is most popular with male players, although it has also attracted a considerable number of female players.

The third major sub-genre is simulation. In these video games, the player takes control of one of many different characters in a game, to accomplish some objective. Simulators give players the experience of flying a real airplane, hunting animals, going on an extended quest or going on a job interview. The main advantage of this type of game is that there is generally a great deal of storyline involvement, although players can opt to skip the storyline and go straight to the gameplay. A popular type of simulator is the game of Abalone, in which players explore a coral reef island and seek out food, avoid predators and collect the many resources found on a game island.

Finally, the last major sub-genre is RTS (simple real time strategy) games. In these games, the player commands one character through a turn-based game scenario. Strategies within this genre vary from simple single-level affairs to massive multi-level campaigns. The final fun fact about video game genre, however, deals with the great number of multiplayer online games that fall within this category.

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