Top 10 Video Games for Fall – Which Video Game Will Be the Biggest This Fall?

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What are the top ten games of next year? It’s been a while since we’ve had an award-winning game of this magnitude. Usually, what you get is a list of ten games that have either been given Games of The Year or nominated for such an honor. But with the overwhelming response to No Man’s Sky, it seems more pertinent to offer up the best of the best, instead of the top ten this time around.

So, what are the top ten video games of next year? The first on the list is Pandemic: Season 3. This third entry in the viral marketing series features the return of the original premise (the game takes place in an epidemic), yet this time around, there are more elements to take into consideration. Is the game more fun if you have an actual virus to deal with, or will the gameplay be enough to keep you busy for a few hours?

Odd world: Symphony of Fear, on the other hand, has received the Games of The Year award for its graphical quality, sound effects, and use of the E3 footage. The original Odd world franchise, which started development in 2000, featured a distinct visual style that was very atmospheric. This game takes that same formula to the next level. Instead of using a stylized version of dark, moody tones, this game employs brighter, cartoon-like visuals. While Odd world: Symphony of Fear retains much of the same elements found in the previous games, the environments are presented in a brighter, more vibrant manner. It’s clear that the developers had a very clear vision of where they wanted the game to go, and it shows through the visual design.

For those who were a bit under-represented during the first two installments of theodiversity, Odd world: Mixes is the opportunity to see what fans can expect of the future. As the name might imply, Mixes takes place on Mars, where your character has been tasked with the mission of protecting the humans living on the planet from whatever disaster may occur. On your way, you’ll encounter various Marsala frogs, as well as strange yet friendly animals that help you on your journey to return and save mankind. Odd world: Symphony of Fear, on the other hand, saw the return of many of the main characters from the first two games in the franchise. Now, you must fight against the evil Dr. Gloom, while preventing other creatures from taking over the earth.

Both games require that you use the Nintendo Switch, though some versions allow players to play on PC. The portability factor between the two games is minimal. Odd world: Symphony of Fear is only offered on a limited number of systems, most notably the Nintendo Switch, so if you want to play it on the Switch, you’ll have to wait for its release date if you don’t already own it. The same applies to Odd world: VR Team, which can be played on the HTC Vivi. These games are lightweight compared to their competitors, so there’s really no need to worry about them becoming too taxing for the system. Both games are still incredibly fun to play.

A few months after its release, Pharaonic was released on the Xbox One, which allows the game to be played with friends over Xbox Live. Odd world: immersive is a complete package of the first two installments of the classic fantasy series, and although its gameplay is drastically different from the rest of the series, it still features all the great qualities you’d come to expect from Odd world: Special Edition. Like the original, it allows you to step into the shoes (not your character’s) of your favorite character, and the graphics are some of the best you can get for an Xbox One game. If you had any reservations about playing Pharaonic on the Xbox, you can forget those now, as it’s the best looking and most interesting game on the console right now.

The last release of Pharaonic for the Xbox One is called Pro Skater, and it is the follow-up to the popular Tony Hawk: Radical Fishing. Like the original, you step into the shoes (not your character’s) of the famous skater, and this time you’ll find yourself in a snowstorm as you make your way across the planet. It sounds more like a roller coaster than a game, but it’s as thrilling as you’ll want to believe. For anyone who grew especially fond of Tony Hawk’s music, this game will be a real treat.

So, which of these top ten video games were you most excited for during the Fall of 2017? What video game changed your mind when you heard it was coming out? Share your picks for the games you loved the most with us in the comments below. We’ll give you a chance to share your own choices for fall, and you could win a free Nintendo Wii or some other cool stuff as well!

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