What’s in store for PC Gaming in 2021?

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It’s the end of summer, which means it’s time to get out some board games and start playing them. What games should you pick this year? As usual, Nintendo releases several popular titles that we look forward to reading about in previews. Wii’s console sales are dwindling, but we’re not quite sure why. As with any new platform, it’s difficult to say whether it’ll succeed, but Nintendo has shown no signs of failing.

So, what’s the most popular game right now? For this year, let’s look at two of the biggest players in the video game industry: Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. Each system comes with its own strengths and weakness, but in general both are performing well. As such, nothing here is set in stone, save for announced platforms and release dates. We’ll try to assess each console’s chances of success moving forward, going over some key points about each one.

Microsoft has released several games this summer, and one of them, Killzone, is getting the all-important second season. It’s been receiving a lot of critical acclaim, and many media outlets have declared it the best new game to be released this summer. According to critics, however, it still looks like a weak platform that won’t be able to provide developers with much help when it comes to building new games for the next few years. That said, it looks like it could become a successful second outing for Killzone, making it a good buy if you want to play the next Killzone game.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 continues to impress from an exclusivity perspective. The Japanese company has released several games in the fall for the Sony PlayStation 4, including the successful Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn is arguably the most popular game to be released for the PlayStation 4, selling more during its first week than For Honor did during its first week. Horizon Zero Dawn is the most promising upcoming title in the video game industry right now, which makes it a particularly popular purchase for those interested in what happens after The Division and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Whether or not this game lives up to expectations, though, remains to be seen.

Then there’re Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for Nintendo’s console. Both games look like faithful recreations of the classic games that defined the handheld gaming experience. That’s not to say that they’re bad – far from it. It’s just that the competition for attention in the handheld space is fierce, and one game can effectively fill a summer’s schedule with quality entertainment.

Finally, we’re tackling the final major console war of the summer. That’s Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4, the battle that will determine who has the market dominance. It doesn’t look like there’s going to be many winners in this battle, but there are some distinct similarities between the two games that could make the Xbox One advantage a little more apparent. For example, the Xbox One’s exclusivity deal and the lower price (for the launch period at least) make it look like it’ll be a lock for the lead, whereas Sony’s games seem like they’ll have a harder time competing with the exclusivity deal on the merits of their design and features alone.

So, what’s going to win this war? We’ve got to expect great things for the future of both games on both the Sony and Microsoft fronts, but it’s difficult to say which one games will be better. That said, I’m expecting a lot of new IP from either company, given the popularity of the games. Either way, the future of gaming looks as bright as ever, so I guess it’s looking good for PC gaming too.

There are two releases worth mentioning from Sony and one from Microsoft, The Last of Us Part II and DOOM. From what I’ve seen both look incredibly promising. The Last of Us Part II looks like it could be the start of a real revolution for PC gaming, moving the PC gaming experience forwards at a rapid pace. It looks very sharp and optimized for the low end of the specification. The graphics look like a completely new game, and it is very atmospheric. It’s looking like a title worth looking into if you’re a fan of The Last of Us, but DOOM seems like it could be headed in a totally different direction.

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