Types of Computer Games You Should Enjoy Playing

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There is a world of games to choose from. The only limit is your imagination and wallet. Narrowing it down to the ones that you know, like board games, word puzzles and matching games, will help you narrow down your options. However, you can never play all the games out there. Here are some of the most popular games today:

Video Games. An interactive medium using graphics, sounds, and emotion to evoke a strong response from the audience. genres include adventure, action, sport, shooting, puzzle, and racing

Role Playing Games. This is the genre wherein the player assumes the role of a character and acts according to the scenario and the desires of the protagonist. There are many popular RPGs out there that you can choose from. One of the most popular among them is the BioWare’s Dragon Age series. The great thing about this genre is that the player assumes the role of any character, and the player will have to go through all the stages and quests while combating enemies and solving puzzles.

Adventure Games. Another fun fact about this genre is that there are many types of these out there. The most popular among them are those where the main storyline is set in ancient times or mythology. Examples of these video games are Legend of Zelda, Xanadu One, Pharaoh: Charnas Tower on Earth and Spirit Caller, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 on Video. These are known for their amazing storyline, adventure, and interesting gameplay.

Board Games. Board games give a competitive edge to your gameplay by offering more turns and randomness to the game. It is one of the best genres for players who love strategy games because board games give you the freedom to make decisions based on the present circumstances, whereas most video games give you no freedom to make decisions based on previous events.

Action and adventure games. These are considered as the two main genres of video game. Action and adventure games involve shooting, fighting, wrestling, and other stuff that will test your skills and mental capacity. A good example of an action or adventure game is Metal Gear Solid on Video. These two genres will give you tons of hours of pure entertainment. You will never get bored with these two genres.

Character Role Playing (CRPG) Games. These are also one of the most popular genres out there. Characters in this genre must be well designed, as they must take the story in their own hands. However, this can give a very frustrating experience if you are not playing as the protagonist. Examples of CRPG games are Secret of Solstice, Vampire Heroes, and Costume City.

Text-Based Adventure Games. This type of game requires the player to manipulate characters by filling up boxes that form the storyline. Examples of text-based adventure games are Secret of Solstice, Vampire Heroes, and Costume City. All these are known to offer great visuals, excellent audio and great gameplay.

Action-Adventures. Also known as “choose your adventure” type games, action-adventures revolve around exploration and puzzle solving. It doesn’t focus much on the storyline development. The main goal in this game genre is to find the destination through different means. There is no point limit in this game genre. Some examples of action-adventures include Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker and Metal Gear Solid.

Role-Playing Games. This is another sub-genre of action game and is sometimes confused with RPGs (role-playing games). In case you are wondering what, the difference is, role-playing games are more narrative driven while an RPG’s system will include lots of graphics and interactivity. Both genres are very popular, and many people enjoy playing both.

Shooting Games. People who prefer to play shooting games tend to be hardcore players of video games. Most of these players enjoy tactical and strategic play instead. One of the benefits of playing shooting games is the game mechanics itself, since most of these games involve bullets or other weapon used to kill enemies.

idle games like puzzle games and sports games are mostly played by casual players who don’t like getting hooked on the television or the computer. idle games are usually about shopping, cooking, farming or trading – just if there’s action involved. They also require a lot of time and effort, unlike strategy games and action-adventures. Some examples of idle games include Color craze, Perfect Agent, Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe.

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